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We're donating Hemp Long Sleeve Shirts & Masks

Hemp fabric has superior benefits compared to other textiles. The porous nature of the fiber allows hemp to "breathe" so that it is cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather. This type of apparel is ideal for the dessert type of weather we experience in LA. Please help us donate the long sleeve hemp shirts and masks to those living on Skid Row. 

Urbane Hemp BG.jpeg




One of the reasons the founder of Urbane Luggage, Nicole, was intrigued by the Hemp industry was the capability of producing essential products without diminishing the Earth's eco-systems.

Our future goal is to help people ie, but today, we'll focus on our local community by donating long sleeve hemp shirts and hemp masks to families living on Skid Row. Please contribute anything you can spare for those in need. Thank you!

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