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  • Can I Smoke The Bag?
    Believe it, or not..this is oddly enough the first questioned asked. No, you can not smoke Urbnae Luggage products because it is made out of fabric.
  • Will My Bag Be Flagged At The Airport As Marijuana?
    No. Hemp is not cannabis marijuana nor does it smell like it. You can travel safely around the world with one of the most durable fabrics known to man.
  • Does Urbane Luggage Meet Airline Carry-On Size Restrictions?
    Yes! Never be forced to check-in your carry-on bag again. Urbane Luggage can fit in all airline overhead bins or under-seat storage because of the slight-conformed structure.
  • How Do I Clean Urbane Luggage?
    We recommend lightly spot-cleaning your Urbane Luggage with a clean micro-fiber cloth, cold water, and gentle detergent. Blow dry cleaned area evenly to avoid water rings.
  • Is Urbane Luggage Vegan Friendly?
    Yes. Urbane Luggage is an alternative luggage company designing all products from fabrics that harmed no animals and produced a less toxic impact on the environment. Learn more about our materials.
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