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4 Tips - How to Travel More Sustainably

We all love to plan our next trips, but do you take the time to prepare for sustainability? Swipe to check out 4 tips to transition into a responsible #UrbaneTraveler

1. Book Eco-Friendly Lodging

Once you have finally selected a destination, the fun part of planning takes course. Research Eco-friendly lodging as these establishments has made significant environmental improvements to its structure to minimize its impact on the natural environment. Today, many hotels are taking baby steps to help travelers looking for a green vacation can enjoy all the comforts of a luxury resort in an earth-conscious setting

2. Pack a Bamboo Tooth Brush

It's the little things that count that help make us stronger. Consider buying a bamboo toothbrush for your next trip. Feel confident as you brush your teeth, knowing that you are not adding to the plastic waste wherever you decide to dispose of your brush.

3. Invest in Metal Straws

Over 50 Million plastic straws are thrown away every day. As you may know, plastic is not biodegradable and usually ends up in the ocean invading the homes of precious wildlife and ecosystems. Help protect our wildlife and reduce your carbon footprint by investing in travel compatible straws to use anytime you eat out.

4. Support the locals

I genuinely believe the best part of traveling is getting the chance to discover local restaurants and shops. These hidden gems deliver authentic experiences, sounds, and tastes better than most high traffic tourist locations. Not only do you get to explore the real thing, but you are giving back to the local economy by shopping with mom-and-pop stores to see what they also have to offer.

Have fun as you plan for sustainability. There is no pressure to accomplish an entire zero-waste checklist, but the goal is to make you more aware of your actions and behaviors as you travel. Every effort you make contributes to a healthy and sustainable future for us all.

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