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Can you pack lighter?

How many times have you waited until the last minute to pack your bag? And, to only be left in an anxious state of mind so you pack everything you think you may need which leads to a heavy overpacked bag.

When you pack light, it doesn't only benefit your carrying experience, but it will enhance your journey.

1. Planned Outfits

Instead of throwing random clothes in your bag, that you may attempt to wear. Plan out your outfits according to your agenda each day. Pack versatile pieces that can create multiple looks for a stress-free transition.

2. Save Time and Avoid Baggage Drama

It's no secret that there's a possibility you may have a dealy retrieving your bag. Take control of your time and skip the hassle of checking in your luggage or waiting to claim it. The goal is to hop off the plane and head straight to your destination!

3. Never Be Forced To Check Your Bag

Urbane luggage has tested flying with various air carriers and has never been forced to check-in once overhead space ran out. The Timeless Weekender meets airline carry-on restrictions and can easily conform in tight spaces in overhead bins and under-seat storage.

4. A Lighter Load

Of course, the apparent reason to pack lighter is to lessen your burden from carrying a heavy bag. It always seems like a great idea to overstuff your luggage until you have to run and catch your flight or your back starts to hurt from the rapid movement and weight shift on your body.

5. Carbon Footprint- The real cost of a checked bag.

Ok, I don't have an actual cost break down of your checked bags but let me explain the process from check-in to baggage claim.

- A large and complex conveyor belt runs over 12hours to transport your bag through TSA and then to the airline.

- Baggage Handlers have to drive (typically diesel machines) your bag to/ from the airplane.

- A belt loader has to be used to load/ offload your bags.

- The heavier the plane, the more diesel fuel the flight needs.

- Your bag needs to be dropped off at baggage claim through another large conveyor belt.

Consider the amount of emissions we are creating to transport millions of travelers extra baggage daily. If we all made an effort to travel lighter, we could make progress in so many ways.

So...can you pack lighter? Leave a comment and let us know.

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