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How To Avoid Getting Sick - On An Airplane

Traveling can be very exciting and fun, but it's easy to forget our bodies are being exposed to a playing ground of new germs once we board our flight. I'm not sure what's worst, sick people coughing or sneezing in-flight. Either way, we are stuck in a controlled air-sealed environment giving germs an excellent opportunity to spread quicker. As a very germ-conscious traveler, I pack my personal bag with a few essential items to avoid picking up or sharing any germs on the airplane.

Also, as an FYI, I love to brag how I never get sick. So, it's only fair that I share my wellness travel rituals. Scroll down to learn 4-tips on how to avoid getting sick on a plane.

1. Take Multivitamins


Maintaining a strong immune system is truly a critical factor to prevent picking up any new colds. Consider taking multivitamins one week before, during, and after your trip to boost your system. You can consume any brand you prefer, but I swear by and praise Airborne tablets, especially for travel. I like to consume my tablets in hot water and drink it like tea, but feel free to drink it cold too.

2. Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy


You will never catch me without a bottle of hand sanitizer on deck. Keep in mind; airplanes are deep cleaned the night before the first flight of the day, and only trash is picked up before the next trip. And to be honest, don't expect that every tray and seat has been wiped down and disinfected other than first and business class seating (sometimes). So protect yourself with some handy dandy anti-bacterial soap that you can use before you eat your meal or snacks and after you deplane. And, if you are really germ-conscious, bring some travel size disinfectant wipes and clean your seated area yourself.

3. Cover Your Nose and Mouth


The easiest way new germs enter your body is by merely breathing them in. Anticipate at least 3 -5 people who will, for sure, be sick and coughing on your flight. Protect your well being by creating your clean breathing air. I usually travel with a circle scarf because I can fashionably wrap it around my face and body during the cold months. However, don't be embarrassed to wear a facemask; there are many designs and brands you can wear now compared to the basic sick mask.

4. Wipe Your Seat Area


I want you to imagine who was the last person to touch your window seat. Think about where they come from and what's could be their hygiene habits. The scary thing is, you will never know. So I highly suggest wiping down your seat area (the main places you will touch). Please don't expect your seat to be disinfected just for you.

Follow these simple tips and take a little extra percussion no matter what class your seat is in, and I guarantee you will be on the right path to stay a healthy passenger.

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