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Keep it Simple - Master Overnight Packing (List + Video)

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

To live in the moment is how we are supposed to live. Have you ever took a quick, spontaneous flight? Or have you ever drove down to your friends' house on a Friday night but quickly realized you weren't as prepared for your stay as you liked. Well, I've learned the real value of packing light and "right" after I used to travel from Long Beach to Hollywood on a Friday night! And, for anyone who does not live in SoCal, that is about a 45-minute drive IF there is no lovely LA traffic to be stuck in. I finally discovered how to pack like a pro after a few failed trips (lessons learned).

I wanted to create this video with our photographer Nick and asked Media Producer and Director, Diana, to show us how the Urbane overnight packing list helped her prepare for Vegas! Watch this quick video to learn how to pack light and three (3) bonus travel tips to become an Urbane Traveler for your next trip.

Urbane Overnight Packing List

Pack for the night out and then your next day outfit. Only pack quality versatile pieces based on the cities weather and your agenda.

  • 1 Coat - You should wear this as you travel to reduce the weight and create more space in your bag

  • 2 Bottoms

  • 3 Tops

  • 2 Shoes - Wear one pair and pack the other

  • Sleepwear/ Undergarments

  • Toiletry/ Groom Bag - Ladies and Gents don't pack all your full-sized hair and makeup products, pick one style and find the travel-sized version that can transition your look for the night and day

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