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The Perfect Fall Packing List - Urbane Cheat Sheet

The 🍂 Fall season has arrived and peak traveling times are upon us 😓🙃

Keep this packing cheat sheet to create more time to enjoy your weekends!

We all do it, we throw some clothes in a bag, "just in case" we might need it. Stop overpacking and plan for versatility. Only pack quality pieces that can be dressed up or down (depending on your plans) and wear your heavy clothes as you travel.

If you decide to extend your stay, mix and match your clothes to create new outfits combinations. It's possible to pack light and maintain a polished looked. Focus more on your short trip, and enjoy the world around you.

Check out our Urbane Traveler, Dr. Kirtpaul Sandhu, as he captures his trip to San Francisco and me!

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