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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

As the holiday seasons restart, we find ourselves in a gift frenzy looking for "the best" gifts to hand out to our loved ones. We usually buy seasonal trinkets that are cute but won't hold much value after the holiday season. This year let's switch it up and gift with purpose.

Our secret to giving the best thoughtful gifts is to consider what will inspire and prepare your loved ones for their next experience out in the world. A tote bag is a classic wardrobe staple to give as a gift, but no one needs another mass-produced thin cotton bag. Consider purchasing the Urbane Hemp Tote and bundle it with personalized items that align with their personality. The versatility and longevity of the Urbane Hemp Tote make it the perfect eco-friendly gift for men and women of all ages. We created 3 thoughtful valentine's gift guides for travelers, commuters, and nature lovers in your life.

Thoughtful gift guide

for travelers

Anyone who loves to travel appreciates an itinerary! Inspire a local adventure with your loved one by planning a trip to a surrounding city you have not explored yet. You can easily Google search pre-populated itineraries or customize your own and make sure to print it out on nice paper. Now find a disposable camera and place a small note on the box with motivational quotes like "No place is boring if you had a good night's sleep and a pocket full of unexposed film." Next, you can add travel-sized disinfecting or sanitizing wipes to stay healthy.

  • Print Personalized Trip Itinerary

  • Disposable Camera with a Motivational Quote on a Sticky Note

  • Travel-sized Sanitary Products

Thoughtful gift guide

for commuters

Many people worldwide are still working remotely or have transitioned into a hybrid position. Help your loved one prep for productivity at the coffee shop or in the office with the WarmSand Urbane Hemp Tote. The padded straps help distribute carrying the weight of laptops and other mobile devices comfortably. Now, you can add a nice textured journal and matching stylus pen that they can use for notes, brainstorms, or mental check-in journal entries. Next, look for a quality travel-sized hand sanitizer that moisturizes the skin, since we're prone to use it more repeatedly in public.

Thoughtful gift guide

for Nature lovers

Encourage nature breaks, we all need them! In Los Angeles, we're surrounded by nearby beaches and parks which, has inspired us to have the "always ready for nature " bag in the trunk at all times. Find a lightweight outdoor or woven blanket to set up the chill zone. Next, look for a nice water bottle to stay hydrated while they relax. Then add a disposable camera to your gift bundle and inspire them to take nature shots from their experience.

A thoughtful gift creates memories and fills the heart with joy. Share with us your gift bundle ideas on Instagram and Pinterest @theurbanetraveler

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