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You can Make What Out of hemp? Podcast Interview with the Black Creators Club

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Today we're joined by Urbane Luggage Founder and CEO, Nicole Mitchell, to talk about the WONDERS of Hemp. No lie, her facts on facts had us on the edge of our seats!

Listen in as we chat:

1. The spending power of Black Americans (1.3 Trillion as of 2021) and the role we could play in the fashion and travel industries

2. Why Hemp is a not-so-hidden secret - HELLOOOO Politics!

3. What does it mean to be a sustainable activist

We also play a game of Dressed for the GAWDS where we test our guest on which celebrity she's style and in what outfit. Join the fun and play along!

Keep up with us:

And our guest:

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Watch or listen below!

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