Curated by Black women-owned businesses to soothe your heightened emotions and anxiety in a world increasingly unfamiliar to us today. We see you and want to uplift and empower you with the superior benefits of hemp products in your daily life. 


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TLCBD by T-Boz

BeaYOU Hair Co. 

Eclectic Relaxation

Urbane by Urbane Luggage



Featured Product TLCBD


In the box - 4 TLCBD items

(1) - Keeping The Faith Tincture 10ml

(2) - This Could Be Love Gummies 20 mg 

(1) Keep the faith-full-specturm tincture 500mg/5ml

(1)  TLCBD Pouch Bag


Keeping The Faith Tincture (10ml) - versatile, perfectly balanced blend of botanical extracts, including CBD, but with no terpenes, just CBD. As a THC free option, it's a great-tasting and economical way to boost your Endocannabinoid system.


This Could Be Love Gummies 20 mg 

This package of 2 gummies is perfect for when it's time to go outside for a calm essential shopping trip. Each gummy contains 20mg of the phytocannabinoid CBD. THC Free.

Instructions: Enjoy one (1) gummy once or twice daily. Do not use more than two gummies per serving.


Learn more here.


Keep the faith-full-specturm tincture 500mg CBD (5ml) 

Designed for our endocannabinoid system, Keep the Faith is a versatile, perfectly balanced blend of botanical extracts, is a powerhouse of phytocannabinoids (which includes CBD), terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients, all working synergistically together. Click here for versatility tips!


TLCBD Pouch Bag 

Carry all of your favorite TLCBD and Urbane Box products with you everywhere you go!

  • Vegan friendly leather. 

    Urbane Hemp Box

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    • In The Box - 1 Black Hemp Face Cover

      Machine washable antibacterial protective face cover lined in hemp muslin with a replacement mask filter slot.

      • Soft black elastic ear loops
      • Urbane woven label