Unisex sizing up to 2XL, lightweight, sustainable and comfy AF!


Hemp shirts are a travelers dream when acclimating to new destinations climates. The native components of the hemp fibers insulate the body temperature, inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and get softer after each wash. Hemp is 40% stronger than cotton and will get softer after each wash.


The Urbane Hemp Tee is custom dyed and made in Los Angeles, CA by Urbanegoods.com

Urbane Hemp Tee


    Remove Stains

    If stained, use a proprietary stain-remover before washing.

    Wash Cold & Do NOT Bleach

    Wash in cold water and do not add bleach solvents.

    Do NOT Wring

    Do not wring wet to avoid unnecessary wrinkles.

    Hang To Dry (Air Dry)

    Reduce shrinkage by hanging your shirt to dry or tumble on low. Expect shrinkage in heated dryers.


    To remove wrinkles set the iron settings to medium heat or use the steamer across the entire shirt.