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Black History is Urbane History

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Black History is our History 🖤, but you won’t find this on Google. Please let me introduce my grandfather Major General Fraser P. Forde Sr.

🖤 Fraser was among the 1st Black men commissioned in the Air Corps.

🖤 After 5 years of active duty, Fraser returned to New York and began a county District Attorney’s Office career.

🖤 From 1963- 1980 he was appointed as the 1st Black Administrative Chief in the History of New York City District Attorney’s Offices.

🖤 Fraser maintained his ties to the military, serving with the New York Army National Guard, The United States Army Reserves and the New York State Militia. Over the years, he graduated from several service schools, including the Advanced Artillery and Missile School, Army Intelligence and the United States Army Command & General Staff College.

🖤 Before retiring in FL, the family resided in Hempsted, NY, where he held several appointed and elected positions, including Chairman of the Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau Country and the President of the Hempsted Board of Education.

🖤 His past and present affiliations included membership in: Association of Former Intelligence Offices, the NAACP, the Black Officers Association, the National President of the #369 Veterans Association, the African American Club of Hernando County and a member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.

Thank you for always serving our country and community! We LOVE and miss you!

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